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About us

Our mission is to provide thge highest quality of audiological care, including trusted advice and more affordable hearing solutions.


Australian Audiology Services is locally owned and operated.  


The mission of Australian Audiology Services is to ensure that hearing care and advanced solutions can be more affordable to people from NSW Northern Beaches to the Gold Coast.


Over the last few years, Partho has handpicked the best audiology professionals and this team share a passion to help residents to overcome their hearing difficulties and reimagine their lives with promise of better hearing. Through improved hearing, people feel younger and more connected to people, music, and nature.

Why should independence matter to you?

Put simply, independence equals freedom of choice and, in the case of Australian Audiology, lower prices on hearing aids.


Many people who are not aware that foreign hearing aid manufacturers now own the vast majority of clinics on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Hearing aid manufacturers have acquired or tried to “squeeze out” independent and family-owned practices, as a way of securing non-competitive distribution channels for their hearing aids. For this reason, only independent hearing care companies will ensure that you are informed of ALL today’s best available solution, regardless of who made them.


Our audiology professionals will always advise you of the best solutions for your hearing. And if that includes a hearing aid, your options will come from the complete range of all the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Why choose us?

Lowest prices


We have low prices on hearing aids across our range to benefit all needs, lifestyles, and budgets.

Locally owned


That means solutions from all leading manufacturers, continuity of service, and trusted advice. 

Trusted advice


University-trained audiologists are solely  focused on Client Satisfaction.


If your hearing is having an impact on your life, then it's time to come and see us.


We'll determine the cause of your hearing issues and recommend hearing care suited to your individual needs - from removal of compacted hearing earwax, to tinnitus treatments, or advanced hearing aids.

Contact us today!

Australian Audiology Services are here for all of your hearing care needs. Call us today on 1300 864 327, or complete the form below. One of our team will will be in touch as soon as possible to answer your questions, or to schedule an appointment at one of our hearing centres.