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Overcoming the costs of hearing loss

According to recent research from the Harvard Medical School, addressing hearing loss can provide the secret to happiness for you and your loved ones.

What can make those you love truly happy? Is it fame, fortune, or good looks? No, it’s you!
A Harvard Medical School study has revealed that close bonds with others is the secret to happiness and longevity.

Robert Waldinger, study director and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, explains:
“Those who kept warm relationships live longer and happier.”

Alternatively, “Loneliness kills,” he said. “It’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism.” 


Over time, hearing difficulties lead to feelings of isolation and frustration. People will start making excuses to avoid noisy places and social settings.

Hearing loss is also linked to increased risks of depression, memory and concentration decline, and early-onset dementia.

Despite the social impacts and hidden costs of hearing loss, hearing aid adoption remains low.  Slower adopters state ‘price’ as one reason for persisting without hearing aids. 

Partho Pal, Senior Audiologist and Principal at Australian Audiology Services, believes that low adoption rates are regrettable, especially given the reactions from those who addresses their hearing difficulties.

“The Harvard Medical School study supports what we see... Clients feeling more confident, younger, happier, and more connected to their community as a result of better hearing.”

If you believe that hearing loss may be affecting your life, it is time to do something about it.

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