Our mission was to ensure that residents of the Gold Coast, Victoria Point, and Tweed Heads had access to trusted advice, professional service, and more affordable hearing aids.

Previously operating as Precision Hearing, owner Partho Pal (Paul) desired creating his own brand of hearing care. This vision has lead to the creation of Australian Audiology.

The mission was to ensure that hearing care and advanced solutions could be more affordable to people on the Gold Coast, around Victoria Point, and within the Tweed Heads area.

Over the last few years, Partho has handpicked the best audiology professionals in South East Queensland and Northern NSW to work at their centres in Tweed Heads, Victoria Point, and Runaway Bay.

The team at Australian Audiology share a passion to help residents to overcome hearing difficulties and reimagine the lives promised by better hearing. Through improved hearing, people feel younger and more connected to people, music, and nature.

Why should an audiology clinic’s independence so important to you?

Put simply, independence equals freedom of choice and, in the case of Australian Audiology, lower prices on hearing aids.

Many people who are not aware that foreign hearing aid manufacturers now own the vast majority of clinics on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Hearing aid manufacturers have acquired or tried to “squeeze out” independent and family-owned practices, as a way of securing non-competitive distribution channels for their hearing aids. For this reason, only independent hearing care companies will ensure that you are informed of ALL today’s best available solution, regardless of who made them.

Our audiology professionals will always advise you of the best solutions for your hearing. And if that includes a hearing aid, your options will come from the complete range of all the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.

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