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Winter 2022 Special Offers

Free earwax removal for pensioners

Instantly boost your hearing!  When pensioners mention this ad when they call, your earwax clean will be free-of-charge!

Symptoms of excessive earwax include:

  • Earache
  • Feeling like your ear is blocked
  • Tinnitus (ringing in your ear )
  • You’re not hearing as well as you normally do
  • Itchy ears, odour, or ear discharge
  • Hearing aids are whistling or aren’t working properly

Signia Insio 1Nx is free for pensioners

‘Invisible-in-the-canal’ hearing aids are now FREE for pensioners and veterans.*

Insio’s excellent sound quality derives from being the only in-the-canal hearing aids with directionality, thanks to its binaural OneMic function.  

  • Smallest and most discreet model available
  • Superior speech understanding and natural sound
  • Stream audio from mobile devices with perfect clarity
  • Free touchControl app to adjust volume and program settings from your mobile phone

Signia Pure Charge&Go 1x – Huge savings!

Small and sleek, they take BTE performance to a new level. Advanced features include:

  • Clear one-on-one and group conversations.
  • Natural own voice.
  • Automatically adjusts to changing listening environments
  • iPhone direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV.
  • Rechargeable battery for durable performance and ease of use
  • Free app to adjust volume and environmental settings.

Lowest prices – Family-owned  – Advice you can trust

  • Hearing Services Program hearing aid fitting and refitting rules apply. Prices are exlusively applicable for pair of hearing devices at Australian Audiology Services. Price may differ for single units. No further discounts. No payment plans on discounted prices. See instore for details and eligibility. Offers expire September 30, 2022. Please contact us or see in-store for full terms and conditions. 

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