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Rechargeable hearing aids: 6 reasons to make the switch.



"I'm thrilled with my new hearing aids and the joy of hearing all now!! Amazing how my family appreciate “Gran” being able to hear when they speak to me even if I am not able to see faces and lips move. Thank you for great service and dedication"

Pam Humphrey

“I can now hear clearly conversations and I am not forever asking people to repeat what they are saying. I am far happier and much less stressed. I understand that other people are not mumbling and my ears are the problem. I can now hear the TV without blasting others out of the room, and I now have no need for head phones. I can hear the phone ring when I am a fair distance from it.”

David A.

"I could tell that my hearing was declining, I found myself shying away from any type of gathering due to hearing loss. My family was also becoming frustrated with constant repeating themselves. So please go and see Paul at Australian Audiology Hearing Specialist. You will be amazed at what you have been missing out on"

Dianne Matthews

“My wife was complaining that I wasn’t listening to her while traveling thru WA. I went and get hearing aids and now my wife and I can have a conversation when we travel. I just love my hearing aids. I have friends that can’t believe I can use my phone to control the volume on them.”

John from NSW

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