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Rechargeable hearing aids: 6 reasons to make the switch.

Increasingly, hearing aid wearers are making the switch to rechargeable hearing aids. They appreciating the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids, which includes: greater convenience, ease of use, lower environmental impact, improved safety, increased durability, and more advanced features.


There’s no need to carry replacement batteries everywhere you go. Simply charge your hearing aids overnight for a full day of wearing. Portable rechargers are available too.


People with dexterity issues struggle to remove and replace button batteries. Placing your hearing aid into a recharging slot is much easier.


Every year, wearers can use around 100 or more disposable batteries that mostly end up in land-fill, which has the potential to leach toxic heavy metals into the surrounding soil, surface and groundwater.


Rechargeable batteries are completely sealed and more resistant to dust and moisture. This means less maintenance, improved performance and reliability, and lengthened lifespans for hearing aids.


Rechargeable batteries are more effective and efficient when streaming sound directly from your TV or stereo, and taking hands free calls from your mobile phone.


Disposable button batteries can be dangerous for children or pets. When swallowed, they don’t just obstruct airways, they’re extremely toxic and even cause death. In contrast, rechargeable batteries are safely sealed within the hearing aid.

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Australian Audiology are experts in rechargeable technology, including the latest “in-the-ear” rechargeable devices.  Our range includes solutions from all leading manufacturers at the lowest prices you will find anywhere. 

You’ll also be helping us to Clean Up Australia!

In further recognition of the environment benefits of rechargeable batteries, we will donate $50 from every rechargeable hearing aid sold to Clean Up Australia, the organisation started 30 years ago by Australian hero Ian Kiernan.

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