Workers Compensation assessments

What is noise-induced hearing loss?

Noise-induced hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing loss is an irreversible condition that can have a significant impact on a worker’s life.

The majority of work-related hearing loss injuries occur over an extended period of time, sometimes many years, as a result of exposure to industrial noise. We refer to this type of hearing loss as a gradual-onset injury. This type of hearing loss can present during employment, or not be identified by the worker until many years after exposure.

Hearing loss can also result from exposure to sudden loud noises, such as explosions, gunshots or heavy hammering. These types of noises are commonly referred to as ‘impact’ noises and, if loud enough, can cause immediate and permanent damage.

Work Cover Hearing Tests


Australian Audiology offer Work Cover tests for all states of Australia. A referral is required by the state-based Work Cover authority prior to tests being done.If there is no referral or purchase order, assessments may incur standard test fees.

Solicitors sending in requests for work cover claims would incur a special fee for full report and percentage of hearing loss calculations.

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