Hearing Protection

Custom-fitted earplugs offer greater hearing protection and comfort than off-the-shelf solutions. As part of Australian Audiology’s service, we will also conduct a hearing screening to ensure that your earplugs offer the right amount of sound attenuation.

Communication Earpieces

Great for iPod users and security guards. They block background noise while transmitting crystal clear sound and voices directly into the ear. They can fit a range of differently styled earbuds.

Suitable for:

  • iPod users
  • Security guards
  • Newsreaders
  • Theatre personnel
  • Motor sports
  • High-performance sailing

Swimming Earplugs

Great for Swim Schools and Surfers. Protects your ears from water and infection by keeping them dry in the pool or ocean. Available in a range of fun colours.

Suitable for:

  • Swimmers
  • Surfers
  • Those with a history of ear infections
  • Anyone with ruptured eardrums

Musicians Hearsaver

Great for music lovers and musicians. Protects your hearing without distorting the quality of the music. Available in Minus 10dB, 15dB or 20dB noise reduction.

Suitable for:

  • Musicians
  • Sound crews
  • DJ’s
  • Bands
  • Orchestras
  • Concert Goers
  • Night club staff and patrons

Solid Hearsaver

Great for construction workers, builders and concert goers. Protects your hearing against hearing loss by reducing outside noise by up to 40dB.

Suitable for:

  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Construction Workers
  • Metal Workers
  • Loud Concert Goers
  • Sleeping Aid