As hearing loss develops gradually, it can sneak up on people. If you feel that “people mumble more these days” or you’re struggling to follow conversations in noisy environments, then it has probably snuck up on you too!

Make today the day you do something about it. Your initial consultation and hearing test will cost you nothing and, if you require hearing aids, these offers ensure that you pay less than anywhere else.

Modern hearing aids improve lives

Understanding hearing loss

Whether the cause be prolonged noise exposure or the ageing process, hearing loss tends to affect the higher pitched sounds within speech (e.g. “f”, “s”, “th”, “ch” and “k”) more than lower pitch sounds. As a result, people miss parts of words and sentences.

“I can hear, it is just that people don’t speak clearly”

This explains why people with hearing loss often believe “I can hear, it is just that people don’t speak clearly.” In noisy environments, the brain finds it extremely hard to fill in the gaps, and people can become frustrated, tired and withdrawn.

How do hearing aids restore hearing?

Modern hearing aids separate sound into numerous frequency bands and amplify each bandby the amount required to restore normal hearing levels. Therefore, they fill in the parts that had been missing, making conversations and music clear again.

Additionally, they automatically turn down distracting background noise to deliver clarity and comfort. Advancements have now led to the development of practically invisible, yet very powerful, hearing aids.

Paul, Director of Australian Audiology Services, often reminds clients that better hearing is also a gift for their family and friends: “It is often the husband or wife who calls to say: “Thank you!”. They are most happy to see their loved one’s renewed confidence in the social and business situations that had become a struggle.” 

Incredible offers for Pensioners & Veterans

Australian Audiology are covering the costs of more advanced hearing solutions, enabling eligible pensioners and veterans can get better solutions at no cost.

FREE* CIC hearing aids!

They fit discreetly inside the ear canal, making them practically invisible. Valued at up to $4,000 for a pair, you can put them in and forget about them, as they adjust automatically to changes in the listening environment.

While not usually fully-subsidised by the Australian Government, we’ll cover the difference, so you can get the hearing aids that you want.

FREE RIC hearing aids 

Bernafon’s Nevara 1 Pico receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing devices sit discreetly behind the ear, with a tiny tube entering the ear canal. They offer natural sound perception and speech understanding in environments with steady background noise. At other hearing care providers, pensioners and veterans must contribute a few hundred dollars to get RIC hearing devices, but we’ve got you covered.

FREE* remote control or smartphone application

Many users find the small buttons on hearing aids that allow wearers to manage settings and volume fiddly and difficult.

Problem solved – we’ll provide you with a remote control or smartphone application (depending on the model you choose), so you will be able to manage your hearing aids with ease!

More great deals for everyone else!

We also ensure that non-pensioners also have access to advanced digital hearing aids at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy the lifestyle benefits of improved hearing, including these amazing offers.

CIC hearing aids Only $1450 for a pair

Valued at up to $4,000 for a pair, clients who are ineligible for government subsidies can get CIC hearing aids at Australian Audiology for only $1450.

BTE and RIC hearing aids Only $1450 for a pair

This new year, we are offering the Signia Motion primax BTE and Bernafon’s Nevara Pico RIC at less than half the price you could access them at many other hearing care providers.

Bernafon Nevara
• Includes a free remote control!

Signia Motion Primax
• Free smartphone app to manage settings and volume.

Starkey Z i110 for only $6000 per pair

Z Series are an advanced hearing aids that are designed to:

  • Help you understand conversations better in noisy environments (e.g. restaurants)
  • Make loud sounds more comfortable while boosting soft sounds
  • Stream TV, phone calls and more, directly to your Z Series hearing aids
  • No buzzing or whistling

Make an appointment today, please call us on 1300 864 237 or click here to find out what technology is suitable for you!