Winter 2022 Special Offers

Free earwax removal for pensioners Instantly boost your hearing!  When pensioners mention this ad when they call, your earwax clean will be free-of-charge! Symptoms of excessive earwax include: Earache Feeling like your ear is blocked Tinnitus (ringing in your ear ) You’re not hearing as well as you normally do Itchy ears, odour, or ear […]

Huge discounts on Widex hearing aids

    Pensioners and veterans can save up to $800/pair   WIDEX MAGNIFY 110 mRIC (rechargeable) Available in both a behind-the-ear (ric) and completely-incanal sizes. Launched in May 2021, they’re a step up from entry-level devices currently being offered free to pensioners and veterans. Both intuitively analyse your sound environment and reacts to changes for natural, effortless […]

Rechargeable hearing aids: 6 reasons to make the switch.

Increasingly, hearing aid wearers are making the switch to rechargeable hearing aids. They appreciating the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids, which includes: greater convenience, ease of use, lower environmental impact, improved safety, increased durability, and more advanced features. CONVENIENCE There’s no need to carry replacement batteries everywhere you go. Simply charge your hearing aids overnight […]

Commit to Better Hearing

As hearing loss develops gradually, it can sneak up on people. If you feel that “people mumble more these days” or you’re struggling to follow conversations in noisy environments, then it has probably snuck up on you too! Make today the day you do something about it. Your initial consultation and hearing test will cost [...]