STEP 1: Free Hearing Test

  • No appointment required.
  • Come in to our clinic and take a 4 minute DIY touch-screen hearing test for immediate results.
  • Should you fail this test one of our friendly staff will assist you to book an appointment for a further fully comprehensive test with one of our qualified Hearing Practitioners.

STEP 2: Comprehensive Hearing Consultation

If you have failed the free hearing test then we are able to perform a Comprehensive Hearing Test in a Soundproof Booth with a qualified Clinician.

This service is free for Centrelink Pension Card holders and DVA Veterans. For Self-funded retirees and the general adult public we charge only $88.00 for a hearing consultation.

This includes:

  • Video Otoscopy
  • Wax Removal
  • Audiometry Test
  • Comprehensive Report

STEP 3: Select the Best Hearing Aid for You

  • At Australian Audiology we advise you on Hearing Products from over six different leading brands.
  • Firstly we assess your lifestyle and look into your daily hearing requirements and situations where you difficulties with hearing.
  • We always prioritise your needs and then find the most cosmetically acceptable solutions for you. Our customised devices are of the smallest available in the world as we strive to make the Hearing Aids as invisible as possible.
  • Our Product Portfolio includes Siemens, Widex, Starkey, Bernafon, GN Resound, and Hansaton as well as many other Leading Brands. We can also assist in Hearing Impaired Phone Solutions including Captioned Phones and accessories such as TV Transmitters, RF/Infra-Red head phones from Sennheiser and other Blue-Tooth wireless accessories to compliment you Hearing Aids.
  • All Hearing Aid purchases come with Lifetime free checkups and re-calibration.