Quite simply, independence ensures freedom of choice and lower prices.

Most people are unaware that foreign hearing aid manufacturers, who seek to secure sales of their own line of hearing aids, and global networks own the majority hearing clinics in North South Wales and South East Queensland.  Over the last 10 years, many independent and family-owned practices have been acquired or squeezed out as a result.

Hearing aid technology rapidly advances and no one manufacturer takes the lead for very long. For this reason, only independent hearing care companies are able to ensure that you will be informed about what is the best solution for you today.

At Australian Audiology, you will be presented options from a full range of treatments and solutions, including hearing aids from all the world’s leading manufacturers.

So, what organisations are owned by foreign-owned hearing aid manufacturers and networks?

Company Country of Origin Owns these hearing clinics And manufactures or only sells these brands of hearing aids
William Demant Holdings Denmark
  • Audioclinic
  • Hearing Life
  • Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions
  • Western Hearing Services
  • Carter Hearing
  • Oticon
  • Bernafon
Sonova Switzerland
  • Connect Hearing!
  • Triton Hearing
  • Hearing Planet
  • Phonak
  • Unitron
Widex Denmark
  • Bloom Hearing
  • Widex
Amplifon Italy
  • National Hearing Care
  • Bay Audiology (NZ)
  • ReSound
  • Bernafon
Starkey USA
  • iHear
  • Starkey


Better prices at Australian Audiology

Unfortunately, this vertical integration of hearing care clinics and manufacturers has led to higher prices for consumers, as it limits competition. In addition, it has been to the detriment of consumer choice.

Australian Audiology is independently owned from any of the hearing aid manufacturers. We have lower overheads (e.g. no head office, lower admin) and this means that we offer all leading brands of hearing aids for the best client outcome at the lowest possible price.  That is our lowest price guarantee.