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Pay less for quality hearing aids this Xmas

Give you and your family the gift of hearing this Xmas!

Christmas means catching up with family and friends, parties, and fun times. But if you experience hearing difficulties, your inability to participate fully in conversations within noisy environments can be frustrating and isolating. At Australian Audiology, you will find a range of great hearing aids at a hugely discounted prices. This year, why not give yourself and your family the gift of better hearing?

We’re committed to more affordable hearing care and solutions

One of the greatest reasons that Australians with hearing loss have not adopted hearing aids is cost. Unfortunately, this leads to millions of Australians feeling isolated, frustrated, and earning lower incomes due to decreased effectiveness in the workplace. This also increases the risks of serious health issues, including depression and early-onset dementia. That is why we are committed to lowering the costs of hearing aids.

Widex Unique 50

Best ‘free-to-client’ solution that pensioners can find.

Recently superseded by Widex Beyond 110, these are extremely small hear

ing aids that capture all the sounds you need, providing you with such a wide range of comfortable, audible sounds.

  • Clarity: Filters out the unwanted sounds – like the refrigerator’s humming – while still letting in whispers and other pleasant soft sounds.
  • Enjoy TV, music or listening to your mobile: Wirelessly connect with perfect clarity to TVs, music or phone calls when used with optional DEX assistive listening devices.

Widex Beyond 110

Stream calls and music into your hearing aids!

An entry-level hearing aid that has numerous features to improve hearing in a range of environments. The Widex Beyond 110 also provides crystal clear and true-to-life sound when streaming audio directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

  • Available in a receiver-in-canal (RIC) model with 8 different colour options.
  • It is suitable for mild to severe-to-profound hearing losses.

Widex Unique 220

Premium in-the-canal device

Unique 220 offer improvements in sound quality and clarity over Widex’s 110 range, so they improve hearing in more challenging listening environments. The ITC is a custom-fitted solution that resides in the ear canal, and yet still includes all the key features offered in behind-the-ear solutions.

Clear listening with TV, music, and phone calls: Wirelessly connect to TVs, music or phone calls when used with DEX assistive listening devices.

Starkey MuseIQ2400

Ultimate in-the-canal device

Available in a range of sizes, Starkey Muse™ iQ i2400 boasts the most advanced technology to improve listening comfort and clarity in even the most difficult listening situations.  Muse iQ provides the ultimate music experience, with pure, refined sound quality. They are also extremely durable and have in-built programs that provide relief for sufferers of tinnitus.

With the rechargeable RIC (shown here), you can forget about batteries for good.

Book an appointment and find out if they are right for you!

If you would like to learn which solution is right for you, contact us today to arrange a free consultation at one of our locations (Tweed Heads, Victoria Point, and Runaway Bay).



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