Tinnitus Relief is Available

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18% of Australians will suffer from tinnitus, a condition that causes stress, sleep deprivation, frustrationand, at its worst, can be a major affliction. It is the perception of buzzing, ringing, humming or a whooshing noise when there is no external source of sounds. It can either be ongoing or can come and go.

Commit to Better Hearing!

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As hearing loss develops gradually, it can sneak up on people. If you feel that “people mumble more these days” or you’re struggling to follow conversations in noisy environments, then it has probably snuck up on you too!

Make today the day you do something about it. Your initial consultation and hearing test will cost you nothing and, if you require hearing aids, these offers ensure that you pay less than anywhere else.

Hearing Wellness Week

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Australian Audiology is supporting Hearing Wellness Week, it is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world.

Field Trial

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We are seeking people with hearing difficulties to take part in a Field Trial of devices from the Signia primax range of hearing aids.

Had it up to Hear

ABC program “The Checkout” explains the importance of background checking your audiology clinic. Well done ABC!

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