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Winter Bounceback Sale

To help pensioners ‘bounce back’ after these challenge times and reconnect with their world, we’re offering huge savings on these world-leading and super-discreet hearing aids.

Signia Motion 13 1Nx

A natural own voice experience and direct audio streaming from iPhones.

  • Natural own voice experience
  • Good speech understanding
  • Tinnitus management
  • Clear and direct audio streaming of phone calls, music and TV
  • Free myControl App allows you to control
  • your hearing aid settings from your mobile phone



Widex E100-RIC

Smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid on the market! A terrific option for the cosmetically-conscious.

  • Hear soft sounds and speech clearly
  • Automatically adapts to your environment in 3 different listening situations
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Audio streaming from phones and other devices using an optional COM-DEX accessory
  • Free smartphone app enables remote control of your hearing aid



Signia Motion 1Nx ‘Charge n Go’

The most natural own voice experience, full connectivity, and rechargeability.

  • Great speech understanding in all listening situations
  • Automatically optimises settings for changing environments
  • Wireless and super-quick recharging
  • Most natural ‘own voice’ experience
  • Connects directly to smartphones, tablets, TVs and more
  • Manage settings via free smartphone app


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