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Tinnitus Relief is Now Available!

What is Tinnitus?

18% of Australians will suffer from tinnitus, a condition that causes stress, sleep deprivation, frustration and, at its worst, can be a major affliction. It is the perception of buzzing, ringing, humming or a whooshing noise when there is no external source of sounds. It can either be ongoing or can come and go.

While tinnitus can be related to ageing, ear infections, high blood pressure and even earwax, it is most commonly linked to damaged sensory cells in the inner ear. While lifestyle changes can help to reduce tinnitus (eg, limit caffeine and alcohol, lower stress levels), most commonly tinnitus correlates with a fault in the hearing system.

Tinnitus Management System:

  • ZEN technology is offered exclusively in discreet Widex hearing solutions, which may completely alleviate your tinnitus>
  • ZEN includes sound therapy that reduces your focus on the tinnitus
  • Includes smartphone app that allows you to manage “Zen sounds” and includes relaxation and sleep exercises
  • ZEN is clinically proven to help relieve tinnitus

Find your ZEN:

At Australian Audiology and across the world, evidence has demonstrated that ZEN can reduce, and in some cases, even completely alleviate tinnitus. The results are overwhelmingly positive.

  • 63% of users report thatZEN tones had a “good” to “very good” effect in reducing tinnitus awareness#
  • Most users experienced “reduced tinnitus

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