Custom fitted earplug offer a level of hearing protection and comfort not offered by off-the-shelf solutions. As part of our service, we will also conduct a hearing screening to ensure that you earplugs offer the right amount of sound attenuation.

Communication Earpieces

communication-earpieces - communication earpieces - Hearing Protection -Great for iPod users and security guards. Reduces the outside noise while providing crystal clear sound and voices directly into the ear. Flexible to fit a range of different styled ear buds.

Suitable for:

  • iPod users
  • Security Guards
  • Newsreaders
  • Theatre personnel
  • Motor Sports

Water Protection EarPlugs

water-protection-earplugs - water protection earplugs - Hearing Protection -

Great for Swim Schools and Surfers. Protects your ears from water and infection by keeping them drywhile you are in the pool or ocean. Available in a range of fun colours.

Suitable for:

  • Swimmers
  • Surfers
  • Those with a history of ear infections
  • Anyone with ruptured eardrums

Musicians Hearsaver

Great for music lovers and musicians. Protects your hearing without distorting the quality of the music. musician hearsaver - musician hearsaver - Hearing Protection -Available in Minus 10dB, 15dB or 20dB noise reduction.

Suitable for:

  • Musicians
  • Sound crews
  • DJ’s
  • Bands
  • Orchestras
  • Concert Goers
  • Night club staff and patrons

Solid Hearsaver

solid-hearsaver - solid hearsaver - Hearing Protection -

Great for Construction Workers, Builders and Loud Concert goers. Protects your hearing against hearing loss by reducing outside noise by up to 40dB.

Suitable for:

  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Construction Workers
  • Metal Workers
  • Loud Concert Goers
  • Sleeping Aid