Free Hearing Check

Clients can take a free hearing check on the technology wall at our clinics. It takes less than 5 minutes to perform the self-assessment and no appointment is necessary.

The hearing check adjusts results for the effects of background noise, so is accurate even within noisy shopping centres.

If you show signs of a significant hearing loss, you will be offered a comprehensive evaluation with one of our fully-qualified and Medicare-registered professionals. Our trained and friendly front-office staff will assist you at every step.

Diagnostic Audiology & Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

When a comprehensive hearing assessment is required, every possible step is taken to ensure a full and proper diagnosis. This includes:

  1. Pure Tone Audiometry: The purpose of the test will find the quietest sounds that you can hear at the full range of frequencies common to human speech, usually 250 Hz to 8000 Hz.
  2. Bone Conduction Audiometry: Comparing results to Pure Tone Audiometry will indicate if any hearing loss could be attributed to fluid in the middle ear, excessive wax, a perforated tympanic membrane, or that the bones of the middle ear are not functioning normally.
  3. Speech tests: Determine how clearly someone can understand speech, when visible cues such as lip-reading are removed and involve using common lists of words played (or spoken) at a constant volume that are appropriate to the client’s hearing loss.
  4. Video Otoscopy: using the latest high-resolution Video Otoscope, “VIOT” from Interacoustics, which provides high-definition images of the ear canal and eardrum.
  5. Tympanometry: Measures the movement and flexibility of the tympanic membrane to identify whether it is moving normally.

GP or Specialist Report

We are happy to supply copies of the report, including otoscope images, to referring GP’s and ENT specialists to help in their diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.


  • $99 for non-pensioners
  • FREE for pensioners*
     * Terms and conditions apply. Check in-store for eligibility.

Tinnitus management solutions and programs

Numerous tinnitus management treatments and solutions are available. Tinnitus maskers and “Neuromonics” may also be considered for inclusion in your treatment plan.

Please feel free to ask for our tinnitus brochure and Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire ( TRQ) at our clinic. We are happy to email you a copy of the latest tinnitus management solutions available with us.

Tympanometry eustachian tube dysfunction tests

The Interacoustics AT 285 is a diagnostic middle-ear analyser. It has variable probe tones, a 286 Hz probe tones for adults, and a high frequency 1000 Hz probe tone for children.

High-frequency tympanometry is recommended for children as their ear canals are not fully developed and normal tympanometry fails to give out accurate results using standard probe tones. Ipsilateral and Contralateral reflex tests are available to help in the diagnosis of retro-cochlear disorders.

We also do automated eustachian tube dysfunction for blocked ear feeling.

Earwax removal & management

Australian Audiology has a wax management suite. We routinely provide dry method wax removal by using a vacuum pump and cannulas, along with wet method ear irrigation technique using Propulse (i.e. ear irrigators). Vorotekoscope, Varitek wax rings, and Jobson probes are used for the extraction of wax by our trained clinical specialists.

Wax removal may require multiple sessions and pre-treatment with earwax softeners.

  • $85 for non-pensioners.
  • Free for pensioners*
     * Terms and conditions apply. Check in-store for eligibility.

Book A Comprehensive Hearing Check

If you have failed the free hearing test then we are able to perform a Comprehensive Hearing Check in a Soundproof Booth with a qualified Clinician.This service is free for Centrelink Pension Card holders and DVA Veterans. For Self-funded retirees and the general adult public we charge only $88.00 for a hearing consultation.

This includes:

  • Video Otoscopy
  • Wax Removal
  • Audiometry Test
  • Comprehensive Report

Australian Audiology also performs Paediatric hearing tests for children over the age of$135(Children may require up to 3 visits there is no additional charge.If the hearing test is conducted on 1 visits the charge is $88).

Book a Hearing Check

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