A Free Hearing Test

No appointment required.
Come in our clinic and take a 4minute DIY touch-screen hearing test for immediate results.
Should you fail this test one of our friendly staff will assist you to book an appointment for a further fully comprehensive test with one of our qualified Hearing practitioners.

Book A Comprehensive Hearing Test

If you have failed the free hearing test then we are able to perform a Comprehensive Hearing Test in a Soundproof Booth with a
qualified Clinician.This service is free for Centrelink Pension Card holders and DVA Veterans.For Self-funded retirees and the general adult public we charge only $88.00 for a hearing consultation.

This includes:

  • Video Otoscopy
  • Wax Removal
  • Audiometry Test
  • Comprehensive Report

Australian Audiology also performs Paediatric hearing tests for children over the age of$135(Children may require up to 3 visits there is no additional charge.If the hearing test is conducted on 1 visits the charge is $88).

Book A Comprehensive Hearing Test

At Australian Audiology We offer you a Free Hearing test.To book your test please complete the form below and one of our frindly team will confirm your booking.